Below is a list of upcoming and past speaking appearances. 


"Consumer Psychological Testing in the Age of Data Science"

New England Insight Association / New England Market Research Association Spring Conference

May 22, 2018

Abstract: Market research has always been intrigued by psychological testing. Whether it's projective tests or personality tests, marketers have tried to tap their use for better business advantages. But now, in a world that is exploding with data, how can we update psychological testing by merging it with data science? This talk will highlight the future possibilities of psychometrics for marketing.

"In search of Behavioral Science Techniques for advertising"

Worcester Polytechnic Institute

April 24, 2018

Abstract: Behavioral science and behavioral economics have becoming a trendy buzz word in advertising and brand consulting. But what do these mean? In this talk, Kenneth R. Faro will discuss nudge theory, choice architecture, and behavioral science techniques that he has used with clients to grow their businesses.

"The Psychology of Effective Advertising"

Boston University

March 28, 2018

Abstract: What is an effective ad? At the end of the day, advertisers want ads to influence a consumer's purchase decisions. In this talk, Kenneth R. Faro will discuss ways in which advertisers can use creative executions as a core technique in the choice architecture around purchase decisions.

"The psychology of PR crises in Advertising"

Emerson College

February 1, 2018

Abstract: The father of Public Relations (PR) is Edward Bernays, the Nephew of Sigmund Freud. From the beginning, PR was always infused with psychology. Now, years later, the cross-pollination of psychology and PR has left us with strategic directions in the midst of a PR crisis. In this talk, Kenneth R. Faro will discuss cases in which brands were confronted with a PR crisis, and how the situation was handled.

"The Application of research and psychology in advertising"

Williams College

November 15, 2017

Abstract: Psychology has a history of unique methods, tests, and analytical techniques. These techniques have slowly made their way into advertising, such as deprivation experiments, motivation research, implicit association tests, and more. In this talk, Kenneth R. Faro will talk about the ways in which psychological techniques are enriching the insights clients look for.

"Consumer behavior: The core of advertising and branding"

Brandeis University

October 30, 2017

Abstract: Brands are built on the behavior of their consumers. What consumer's remember, what they feel, what motivates their purchases--these are all important aspects to know when you're building a brand. In this talk, Kenneth R. Faro will show cases in which advertising research focused on key consumer behaviors to help propel the brand forward.

"Data Science in advertising: Innovations and applications"

Clark University

February 20, 2017

Abstract: Surveys aren't the only source of data used in advertising anymore. The explosion of data in recent years has created unique sources of data that advertisers can tap into for insights. In this talk, Kenneth R. Faro will review unique data sources, new ways to analyze and visualize data, and how advertisers leverage these insights in real cases.

"Market Research Through an Advertiser’s Eye"

Brandeis University

November 15, 2016

Abstract: Most people hear "advertising" and think the only market research advertisers perform is ad testing. This is the furthest thing from the truth. Advertising isn't just about the creative execution. Advertising is about the full customer experience. Consequently, market research in advertising must also cover the full range of customer experience. In this talk, Kenneth R. Faro will take you through the customer journey and identify the different pieces of market research advertisers perform along the customer journey.

"It's 2016: Time To Rethink Your Data Analysis Tools"

New England Market Research Association

November 10, 2016

Abstract: Historically, SPSS was the choice for professional market researchers. But not anymore! Now there are a number of options--SAS, R, Q, Python, and the list goes on. The question on everyone's mind is which programs should you learn? And why? In this session, Kenneth R. Faro will take you on a tour of a number of data analytic programs, sharing pros and cons of each. Which is easiest to learn? Which is best for qualitative research? Predictive analytics? Output and reporting?